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Reliable sound equipment for any size of event from keynotes to concerts. Audio is the foundation of any event. Sometimes it is only a microphone with two speakers. Other times you will need a full line-array, mixer, and multiple microphones. DJE has a diverse inventory of equipment that can provide you with the audio capabilities you need to help make your event sound as amazing as it looks. Speakers, microphones and mixing consoles are just the fundamentals of what DJE has to offer our clients. We will build on standard systems to create a custom option for your event, whether it is a live concert, regional conference or announcements at an event. Our experienced audio technicians will install and operate the equipment properly, providing the best quality possible.



Dream big for your next event to sure all of your guests can see what’s going on. With our video screens and projectors, you’re not limited in screen size. Let us help you integrate projection into your next event.


DJE’s inventory is home to projectors and monitors both big and small. We carry both standard definition and high definition models. Need a video recording of your event? We have high definition cameras to capture it all.


LED walls are environmentally friendly display and consume only a fraction of the power consumption and heat generation of other LED displays. They can withstand challenging environments and works great both indoors and out, even in the daylight.



At the core of any event, you should be able to see and hear. Basic lighting can provide you with the means to see in a dark room, change the color temperature or shine a spotlight on performers. From conventional to LED to intelligent lighting systems, we can provide your custom event lighting.  In addition to increasing visibility, lighting can also decorate your event. Use uplighting to highlight architecture in an event space. Add intelligent fixtures and a programming wing for a lighting design that can change at whim. For a splash of color, conventional lights and filters can be just right. Lighting changes with every venue and event and is customized to your specifications. Create an environment with layers of light and color.



With StageRight staging systems, you can have your stage where you need it. DJE's inventory of decks, legs, steps, skirting, handrail and ramps that can make your stage both functional and safe. Build it where and how you want with the system that allows for the options that you might need.


With outdoor roof systems, DJE believes that safety is paramount. Our roofs are engineer certified and are always ballasted with the proper weight for the size of the structure. 

Since our systems are truss based, it is easy to build out from there to include screens, lights, speakers, and backdrops. Our roof systems meet the safety requirements set up by OSHA and our riggers understand how to work in a safe environment.


Each roof system is unique, and the frame is fully customized for height and has the options of outrigging pieces that can be attached to speaker systems or screens.

Content Creation


Cut through the noise. Fuel your brand and drive results with content powered by DJE's content creation, strategy, and distribution team. Video provides an immersive experience that is easy to digest and still leaves a long-lasting impression. Your brand will shine through in every video so your viewers know who you are no matter where they watch your content.


Brand awareness is a cornerstone of marketing, and visual cues go a long way to putting your business in your customers’ thoughts. Our graphic design services enhance your content and encourage engagement in your marketing campaigns.

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